To Nurture

Everything is real. The problem is people want to show off to the next person so they fake a particular reality. Many are scared to feel too deep, so they keep it on the surface. Read more…

By Bianca, ago

Hold Fast

Unity of thought fleeting, overpowering potential – adaptation never-ending. Possibility articulated, ridicule attached – an irrelevant couple. External/ societal motivators destroy heart, fuel panic – authority wrongly positioned. Take hold of intent, mend what lingers, Read more…

By VJ Knutson, ago

Borrowed Lovers

Seasonal lovers. The reason they couldn’t stay is because they served their purpose in your life. They either healed a piece of you that was torn apart or opened a wound that needed cleansing. Every Read more…

By Bianca, ago


Life is a priceless treasure that we are given to guard & make use of to the best of our ability,but by the time most of us realize this it is far too late…..

By Mamta Sehgal, ago

Blank Page

She graciously allowed her memories to float back to her.  She allowed them to settle and noticed her fears go through her like bullets, leaving darkness in their gaps. As she assessed the dim chapters Read more…

By Zeina, ago

Dear mother

Mother dear, do not fear Mother dear, we are here Mother dear, remember to feel Mother dear, please do heal Mother dear, life is real Mother dear, just kneel  

By Maria Velazco, ago

Ending Ties

“It’s over…” she said carefully “isn’t it.” As they sat a foot apart, on the edge of the old stone bridge on where they spent their lazy Sunday afternoons, she felt the air of their Read more…

By Ge Marquez, ago


Stuck in a whirlwind of memories and nostalgia she noticed the world continued to move forward without her. Wherever she went, she wore her grief as a veil sometimes it was so thick that she Read more…

By Zeina, ago

Break out

Somehow some people reveal their ugly truths, standing aside and waiting for you to fall apart. You get pushed around, shoved in a box and labeled as broken. And somehow you think it’s relevant because Read more…

By Zeina, ago