She waits. It will happen It must. To be happy She must be It’s taught It’s learned It’s forced There’s proof Cover it up Make it yourself Don’t. It’s just a lie A mask Deception Read more…


Blank Page

She graciously allowed her memories to float back to her.  She allowed them to settle and noticed her fears go through her like bullets, leaving darkness in their gaps. As she assessed the dim chapters Read more…

By Zeina, ago

The Real Love

Love is a beautiful feeling. It is the most powerful feeling I will say. It is the most powerful feeling because it always spreads a positivity, it always motivates one, and the most important thing Read more…

By Abhishek Dey, ago


It was an arranged marriage. The proposal was sent through family friends, and accepted by her parents. She was happy. She was independent to pursue her career,live in the city of dreams and achieve every Read more…

By Charu Sneha Jha, ago

She Does

She closes her eyes, begins to cry, asking, ‘Why?’, she no longer dreams to try. She no longer screams out of fear, she no longer speaks, ‘mother dear.’ Oh, why? She’s lost in the loneliness, Read more…

By Maria Velazco, ago