She is not old yet, but there are younger girls who now do the dancing. Shilpa has been demoted to be a waitress; who serves mostly beer and popcorns, though the name outside reads Trishul Bar Read more…


Be your own Self !!

It doesn’t matter what other people think of you, it only matters what you think of yourself. Don’t change yourself just because one person doesn’t like you. Be Your Own Self  # random thoughts

By shobha iyer, ago

Ending Ties

“It’s over…” she said carefully “isn’t it.” As they sat a foot apart, on the edge of the old stone bridge on where they spent their lazy Sunday afternoons, she felt the air of their Read more…

By Ge Marquez, ago

The Library

They are not supposed to have favourites. Most of them simply lay back and watch people wander in and out of the doors. Oh, the humans and their clockwork paths. They watch the same pairs Read more…

By Fern Tan, ago


At last, she was alone in the bathroom floor. Everything was falling apart and her skin was glowing so bright. She did what was best and let the fire out of her. She did what Read more…

By Remininsce, ago


Great beauty lies in the art of silence. Silence, which some say is golden. Silence, that is just silence. Silence, that builds. Silence, that creates. Silence, that accomplishes what thousand words or tears could not. Read more…

By Martin Brian, ago

The Answer

He asked, “Why do you like me?” My Answer: “It’s the PRIDE, Your SELF-ESTEEM, and Your SELF-IDENTITY. The Pride you have in yourself, consciousness of your own dignity, the Pride being very genuine, and absence Read more…

By Kavita Sangma, ago


“I am leaving” The file in his hand fell to the floor as he stared at her “But why? I mean everything is good isn’t it?” he stammered. She smiled at him sadly. “Financially yes. We are better Read more…

By Yasha shetty, ago


“I wish we could stay like this forever.” She looked at him incredulously,  “We have been stuck here in traffic for over an hour and you want to stay like this forever”? He laughed, ” Read more…

By Yasha shetty, ago