I am afraid of matchsticks burning my fingers or elevator doors slicing me in half I am terrified of kissing you for the last time in a day or waking up realizing you no longer Read more…

By Ge Marquez, ago


In this vast galaxy powdered with glitter,  (each more bizarre than the other)  two lone stars drifted too close,  fluttering amicably as planets and moons pass them by –  shyly gleaming in the clouds or  Read more…

By Ge Marquez, ago


Wednesday night, when the world lies low And feet plough through the streetlight glow, When time’s just a rippling in waters below And the past is coil grey mist, nothing-scented I imagine a train track Read more…

By Andrin Albrecht, ago

How many

How many beautiful lips, on hopeful nights, with warm spirits flowing though your veins, do you have to kiss until you find until you find the right pair? How many smiles, on optimistic days, with Read more…

By Niraksha Singh, ago

Everyday chores

Apt fingers gliding along curves, Caressing the velvet. Finding the right angles, and bending swiftly… It gives in without a fuss, pliant under skillful, practiced moves – The blanket folds neatly. Unoriginal (love) Notes

By Lizardin Bain, ago


No weakness found In suffering Jolting Live wire to the ground Soft skin Sloughs so easily Calluses grant resilience To the body and the soul Nothing can be mended To what it once was Reconstruction Read more…

By Dakota Toney, ago


Love, like a well-laid platter in front of you mesmerizes you And you feast and feast on it till your heart’s full.. But like the stomach once full and you bloat and gloat like a Read more…

By Nayani, ago

To Nurture

Everything is real. The problem is people want to show off to the next person so they fake a particular reality. Many are scared to feel too deep, so they keep it on the surface. Read more…

By Bianca, ago

Hold Fast

Unity of thought fleeting, overpowering potential – adaptation never-ending. Possibility articulated, ridicule attached – an irrelevant couple. External/ societal motivators destroy heart, fuel panic – authority wrongly positioned. Take hold of intent, mend what lingers, Read more…

By VJ Knutson, ago

Borrowed Lovers

Seasonal lovers. The reason they couldn’t stay is because they served their purpose in your life. They either healed a piece of you that was torn apart or opened a wound that needed cleansing. Every Read more…

By Bianca, ago


She always tried to forget him.. but Alas it was SAUDADE which kept her pain alive .. Note:- Saudade = A intense longing for someone you have already lost…

By Harshada Rout, ago