poetry a disguised silence attired in words, a painted picture devoid of colors, a lyrical song read by the eyes in a melody of emotion, a bleeding heart blessed with an endless flow, a vibrant Read more…

By Vidur Sahdev, ago

All in vain

Fire fixing it’s destruction Cancer injected with cancer as a cure Vain struggles The hand grasps only straw Blade strikes only shadow Quenching the fire That no more damage is done Cut the cancer out Read more…

By Dakota Toney, ago


Of a sick nature, a signature to sign away a mind at play and find a way. Standing up to authority, an author to conformity, comforting all those committed to dogmatic insanity. Mentally implicit, I Read more…

By Shashank Mane, ago


I release control, let it all unfold. I release my hold for all’s been foretold. I release my pain, freedom from the chains. I release myself holding on no more.

By Maria Velazco, ago

Blind Faith

What have I done? I’m way off track. Another reckless choice I made, With words I can’t take back. I let my fear and doubt take hold, With paranoia controlling me. I can’t avert the Read more…

By That Girl, ago

Sand To Ashes

Mortal body lurching in dusky light Feeling nostalgia, faded memories Melancholy sound echo in mind Deadly silence begin to tease him His pale skin disgraced him Dark sting of pain throbbed his heart Single inch Read more…

By Gargi Sidana, ago