To Nurture

Everything is real. The problem is people want to show off to the next person so they fake a particular reality. Many are scared to feel too deep, so they keep it on the surface. Read more…

By Bianca, ago

Borrowed Lovers

Seasonal lovers. The reason they couldn’t stay is because they served their purpose in your life. They either healed a piece of you that was torn apart or opened a wound that needed cleansing. Every Read more…

By Bianca, ago


Life is a priceless treasure that we are given to guard & make use of to the best of our ability,but by the time most of us realize this it is far too late…..

By Mamta Sehgal, ago

Ending Ties

“It’s over…” she said carefully “isn’t it.” As they sat a foot apart, on the edge of the old stone bridge on where they spent their lazy Sunday afternoons, she felt the air of their Read more…

By Ge Marquez, ago


Maybe. Maybe everything in life was simple, a matter of love and hate- Siamese twins; back to back in a human heart. Maybe. Maybe because you loved, you also hated: and because you hated, maybe Read more…

By Wendo Kenyanito, ago


Room filled with silence Empty rumpled unmade bed Wine glasses half full Faint whiff of sweat and perfume Check-out time was one

By Von Smith, ago


Victoria – Part I. Thirty-Seven Years Ago My Victoria I met her by accident A long time ago We were connected The force was overpowering The room disappeared So, we said our vows Water garden Read more…

By Von Smith, ago

I Am that I Am

This scriptural phrase is very powerful when used accordingly. As to apply positive affirmations to oneself, especially for anyone who has endured some type of traumatic mental/emotional abuse, is very empowering. As one speaks positive Read more…

By Leslee Logan, ago

Life After Death

Death is a depressingly inevitable consequence of life, but now scientists believe they may have found some light at the end of the tunnel. The largest ever medical study into near-death and out-of-body experiences has Read more…

By Charles Benz, ago


“I am leaving” The file in his hand fell to the floor as he stared at her “But why? I mean everything is good isn’t it?” he stammered. She smiled at him sadly. “Financially yes. We are better Read more…

By Yasha shetty, ago


i look at them with casual eyes, till the mind does tricks and questions life, scurrying about in a focused haste, these little creatures that look alike, did they ever evolve beyond just being ants, Read more…

By Vidur Sahdev, ago


Waves hit, I breathe. Wind howls, I breathe. Sharks circle, I breathe. Lightning strikes, I breathe. No wave can shake me. No wind can move me. No shark can scare me. No lightning can shock Read more…

By Johnny Hoffman, ago


Acne covered moon would a clean night clear your face or are the scars indelible like scars of rape and loneliness? I wonder if you see the pebbles in my soul?

By Stan Grimes, ago


Over a period of time, I’ve realised that one needs a few people around who aren’t exactly friends and aren’t exactly romantic interests either (not that they can’t be, but things are just well in Read more…

By Silver Boots, ago


Every night when I close my eyes, The first thing that comes to my mind, Are your sparkling eyes, That took my heart from a thousand miles. Even though I know, it hardly matters to Read more…

By Anuskha Ghosh, ago

Flying Solo

I have always learnt at least something from everyone I have met, more specifically spent significant time with, if you are looking for an example it’s the title of the write up! Like beauty lies Read more…

By Kirti Dhanuka, ago