You asked her if she remembered anything? Those long walks on empty roads. On cold November nights. Hours of conversation until the dark sky turned bright. If she remembered all your sweet kisses, soft cuddles Read more…

By Shobitha Bushan, ago


When flames burn They rarely purge delicately. Ashes left are shadows of the hypothetically. Before the full moon, In blazing manner I toss in memories, pictures, paintings and planners. As the stack builds higher and Read more…

By Mateo Gomez, ago


Hope is the tiny flicker of light in the dark night. Hope is the little glimmer in your eyes, whenever you smile. Hope is the shortest time we see each other, just a simple hi Read more…

By Jeazelle, ago


I hide behind the darkest nights the passion of a thousand suns, seek if you know that fire burns it’ll ravage you an entire night, survive if you do the depths of oneness with your Read more…

By Vidur Sahdev, ago


Light a lamp for yourself tonight, let the night also celebrate you tonight, the day you dedicated to the miscellaneous chores, the one’s that are thankless in spite of efforts endured, Light a lamp for Read more…

By Vidur Sahdev, ago

To Myself

I’m sorry. I’m sorry I keep breaking your heart, to make everyone else’s complete. I’m sorry I keep others a priority, before you. I’m sorry I let you cry in the middle of the night, Read more…

By Gomz, ago

A Trip

In the desert of Thar On a trip so memorable Sitting on the burning sand I saw a camel. His eyes blinking monotously With constant gaps in between As the ship of desert cried Cried Read more…

By Sadah, ago

रात के अंधेरे में महिलाओं के लिए निकालना क्यों खौफनाक है?

यूं तो दुनिया में लोगों की तहज़ीब बेहिसाब है फिर भी क्यों हर घर का अपना ही हिसाब है कहीं पे नारी बेनकाब है, तो कहीं पे हिजाब है। अपने घरों पर चाहते ये पर्दे Read more…

By Chandra, ago


Long time back I had read a novel “Dollar Bahu” which closely captures the life of people settled in USA and shows underneath the mask of successful and wealthy life everyone has their own issues Read more…

By Gautami Bhandare, ago
रहस्यमयी कहानियां

 रहस्यमयी कहानियां:- कौन थी वो बर्फीली रात मे मिली महिला?

ह ये उन दिनों की बात है जब हम एचपीयू में पढ़ते थे। 80 का दशक था। मैं ऐवलॉज हॉस्टल में रहा करता था और कुछ दोस्त हिमकिरीट में रहा करते थे। तो हम कभी Read more…

By Gaurav Sharma, ago


For me, the only thing that is more fulfilling than writing, are the memories of the person whom I love, the memories that are etched in my heart, the memories that make me write and Read more…

By Sadah, ago