Dream Chaser

He is not fooled Just driven by optimism Not unaware of reality Just believes in determination He never thinks “what could have been” He thinks “what will be” He is not waiting for the game Read more…

By Sana Ahmad, ago


Of a sick nature, a signature to sign away a mind at play and find a way. Standing up to authority, an author to conformity, comforting all those committed to dogmatic insanity. Mentally implicit, I Read more…

By Shashank Mane, ago


I release control, let it all unfold. I release my hold for all’s been foretold. I release my pain, freedom from the chains. I release myself holding on no more.

By Maria Velazco, ago

On Becoming

There is a time I think, at several stages in life, when you experience a season of growth. It can be spiritual or emotional, financial or physical. But once you’ve come to that place within Read more…

By Tiandra B, ago


The days seem to resemble each other. The chatter turns to back round noise. Previous days feel like nust moments ago. This is how you know, change is needed and is necessary. When sleep and Read more…

By Akua Salomeh, ago