cocooned in life awakened by loss alive in those who love & undying in death reborn by changes becoming by sadness being in this life & continuing despite yellowing of happiness blackening of death purification Read more…


Est. 1992

An overwhelming moment of… Happy and blessedness Tears filled up whilst Reflecting on what I possess She gave me everything Laughter, smiles and love Summoning happiness I was always put above He dedicated his life For Read more…



Today I’ve decided to change it up a bit. Usually I would write some motivational blog (at least I hope they are motivational) or a poem of some sort but not today. Today is different Read more…

By Jorge Ochoa, ago


I release control, let it all unfold. I release my hold for all’s been foretold. I release my pain, freedom from the chains. I release myself holding on no more.

By Maria Velazco, ago

On Becoming

There is a time I think, at several stages in life, when you experience a season of growth. It can be spiritual or emotional, financial or physical. But once you’ve come to that place within Read more…

By Tiandra B, ago


“I will not pass on my suffering but my wisdom” Caroline Myss – This quote was from a Ted talk speech I saw on YouTube called “Choices that can Change your Life.” I would have Read more…

By Akua Salomeh, ago