The struggle

I started my shift being informed that the man I waved goodbye 10 hours ago had passed away right before my shift started. A man who was terminally ill but yet so charismatic and positive. A man who Read more…

By NurseRumi, ago

अच्छा लगता है….

अच्छा लगता है ओस से लेस इस घास पर चलना, अच्छा लगता है उस नरम घास की चादर पर लेट कर आसमां को तकना, अच्छा लगता है पत्तों पर गिरी हुई ओस की बूँदों से Read more…

By Mamta Sehgal, ago


My heart aches for something… This feeling of gut punching, That look in your eyes… Melts my insides like ice, That penetrating stare…. Hits me like a spear, I know… you know I care, But Read more…

By sakshi gangwani, ago

The Real Love

Love is a beautiful feeling. It is the most powerful feeling I will say. It is the most powerful feeling because it always spreads a positivity, it always motivates one, and the most important thing Read more…

By Abhishek Dey, ago

Dream Chaser

He is not fooled Just driven by optimism Not unaware of reality Just believes in determination He never thinks “what could have been” He thinks “what will be” He is not waiting for the game Read more…

By Sana Ahmad, ago

Sunday Math Puzzle

A,B,C of Maths A big circle dared each form, gentle handling in jets’ knowledge, levelling more numbers of pattern, quizzing ratio since the union’s values welcomed x-rays yelling zero. @Simona Prilogan Happy Sunday, wherever you are!

By Simona Prilogan, ago


It was an arranged marriage. The proposal was sent through family friends, and accepted by her parents. She was happy. She was independent to pursue her career,live in the city of dreams and achieve every Read more…

By Charu Sneha Jha, ago


In the tranquility of the day, I hear your silent whispers. In the madness of the day, I feel your presence. In the stillness of my prayers, your answers prevail.

By Maria Velazco, ago

The Echo

I love you so much that my heart aches. It will almost explode with a tremendous longing. I want to tear open this illusion of our separation, but the reality is cruel and savage because Read more…

By Amaia Truong, ago


Eternity. Certainly just a pretty word for us, mortals. We cannot grasp the irrelevance of time. We can imagine, certainly, a century, a millennium, Some unfortunate can look beyond. However, eons, billions, when time itself Read more…

By Lizardin Bain, ago