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An overwhelming moment of… Happy and blessedness Tears filled up whilst Reflecting on what I possess She gave me everything Laughter, smiles and love Summoning happiness I was always put above He dedicated his life For Read more…



Since I was a kid, my mother has always told me stories about angels and their miracles. How they save and guard people against any harm. She even named me Angel Charmaine after the angel Read more…

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A Trip

In the desert of Thar On a trip so memorable Sitting on the burning sand I saw a camel. His eyes blinking monotously With constant gaps in between As the ship of desert cried Cried Read more…

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उन्हें कैसे भूलूँ मैं?

“जिसकी थाली में बिना खाये आज भी भूँख नहीं मिटती, जिसकी लोरी सुने बिना आज भी नींद नहीं आती। जिसकी दुवाओं के बिना, आज भी घर से नहीं निकलता, जिसकी मन्त्रों वाली फूँक से, आज Read more…

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