I saw you

I saw you, the other day, in the mall, while crossing the street, while talking to a friend, while walking in the park, while driving to a distance, while drinking my coffee, while reading my Read more…

By Chit Lumibao, ago


Tomorrow I may not see you smiling at me, Tucking hair behind your ears. I may never feel your presence when the perfume fades away, And the spark dies before setting a fire. Tomorrow I Read more…

By Amrita Roy, ago


Every night when I close my eyes, The first thing that comes to my mind, Are your sparkling eyes, That took my heart from a thousand miles. Even though I know, it hardly matters to Read more…

By Anuskha Ghosh, ago

Flying Solo

I have always learnt at least something from everyone I have met, more specifically spent significant time with, if you are looking for an example it’s the title of the write up! Like beauty lies Read more…

By Kirti Dhanuka, ago

Starry Night

Her eyes reflect the ocean of stars. Her mind traveled with speed of light through galaxies. Judged by others as clueless insecure, shy, lost because of her imagination. She didn’t care they didn’t know why. Read more…

By mblazevic, ago

The Already Dead

The already dead have furtive eyes. They work full-time jobs and overtime shifts and do not earn full-time livings. Their lives have unconditional predestinations that they meet with furtive eyes, eyes which are dry, tired, Read more…

By Neil Womack, ago


He shies away From people He fears Their touch For he’s scared Of another betrayal Yet he yearns For a friend Who’d understand His words Unspoken.

By Saumya Agrawal, ago


She scrubbed her lips again and again till they were raw. The mirror reflected back the 13-year-old’s pale face, red-rimmed eyes, and her swollen lips. She was feeling dirty even after her shower. She had always Read more…

By Yasha shetty, ago


She consumed me so completely That even my dreams Had perfect renditions Of every curve of her smile Every strand of her hair And every peculiar mannerism My soul craved her Even as I slept

By Mateo Gomez, ago


Connected to four different hospital beds I hear the black-eyed angels crawling closer their tiny feet hammering on the ceiling tiles like rain pulling me out of my sleep The god of sedation rules this Read more…

By Henna Sjöblom, ago


The lofty clouds sway, As I stand looking above; They move on to the other way, To delight another person looking above. -Aditi Mahadware

By Aditi Mahadware, ago


Her left eye has a spot where the green dilutes to an amber, tinged by flecks of irradiating brown – a beautiful mutation. I know because I’ve stared into those eyes countless times when they Read more…

By Pradita Kapahi, ago

The Golden Bird

Oh! Meu land of gold What have they done to thee Even the British didn’t tale away What thy people have taken from thee. Those who came from farlands Acknowledged thy beauty And added A Read more…

By Sadah, ago


आज उन वीरों को याद करो उन देशभक्तों की पुकार सुनो शौर्य को अपने तुम जगाओ भारत को अपने तुम सजाओ रक्शक बनकर इस आज़ादी के अपने देश के गौरव को तुम बढाओ राष्ट्रगीत गाओ Read more…

By Sadah, ago