At last, she was alone in the bathroom floor. Everything was falling apart and her skin was glowing so bright. She did what was best and let the fire out of her. She did what Read more…

By Remininsce, ago

Her truth

Somehow, she manages past the demons in her head the things she always dreads. Her fascination with flowers and bees, and the beads she wears. It’s always something different, nothing ever stays. Moves past stagnation, Read more…

By Maria Velazco, ago


Tomorrow I may not see you smiling at me, Tucking hair behind your ears. I may never feel your presence when the perfume fades away, And the spark dies before setting a fire. Tomorrow I Read more…

By Amrita Roy, ago

On Becoming

There is a time I think, at several stages in life, when you experience a season of growth. It can be spiritual or emotional, financial or physical. But once you’ve come to that place within Read more…

By Tiandra B, ago

I would

I would carry you on my back, take you to your favorite place. I would learn to fly for you, would dig through the earth with my hands. I would hunt the birds in flight, Read more…

By SOSfernweh, ago


The days seem to resemble each other. The chatter turns to back round noise. Previous days feel like nust moments ago. This is how you know, change is needed and is necessary. When sleep and Read more…

By Akua Salomeh, ago