The days seem to resemble each other. The chatter turns to back round noise. Previous days feel like nust moments ago. This is how you know, change is needed and is necessary. When sleep and Read more…

By Akua Salomeh, ago


With every different time zone, I adjusted my watch accordingly and with every adjustment came the realization that it wasn’t just the time in my watch I was changing but also that the time in Read more…

By Yasha shetty, ago


इन्तज़ार है मुझे उस दिन का जिस दिन मेरा देश आज़ाद हो जाएगा अंग्रेज़ गये थे छोड़ कर जब उस दिन मेरा देश आज़ाद कहलाया था लेकिन मुझे इन्तज़ार है उस दिन का जिस दिन Read more…

By Sadah, ago