• What is Ascerblog?

    We are an open publishing platform inviting and welcoming writers from all around the world to share their thoughts.

  • How does Ascerblog work?

    We have no language bars whatsoever. Only restrictions being, the content you publish should be your own and the photo used should not have any copyright issues.

  • How to publish content on Ascerblog?

    You can submit your posts through the write form in the menu. Once submitted, your article will be reviewed by our editing team to check for plagiarism and/or errors. After reviewing, your post will be published and will be visible on the website within 30 minutes.

  • Is there any particular genre one needs to write on?

    No. You are free to write on whatever topic you want to.

  • How to become the Author of The Month?

    You can register yourself and start writing with us. The author with most number of views at the end of every month will be made the Author of The Month and his/her profile will be showcased on the home page of Ascerblog for one whole month.

    P.S. To be the Author of The Month, you need to write a minimum of 7 posts in 30 days.

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