Crazy on a Cracker

Tonight I am going to meet a new friend who I hope will one day become my old friend… a great pen pal becoming real. Religion major in college, writes, and reads more in a day than I do in a week… which is very hard. Speaking of which, I Read more…

By Leslie Lanagan, ago

My responsibility for my role

> Inspiring Thought << I don’t sit around feeling sorry about my circumstances or how others have treated me. Instead, I take responsibility for my role in life and understand that life isn’t always easy or fair. With my value of care, I appreciated her care and she offered her Read more…

By Sindy LC, ago

Listen and . . .

I’m reading “Socratic Logic. A Logic Text Using Socratic Method, Platonic Questions, and Aristotelian Principles” by Peter Kreeft. I started it a few months ago, but am only about a third through it. Meaty stuff. I bought it because I wanted to learn how better to debate and discuss, and Read more…

By A.L. Marquardt, ago

Snarky Shark!

Okay so I’m going to dive into this one pretty quick. Men are always complaining about how profile pictures of women are oh so misleading because of makeup and picture editing apps, etc. That’s one of my grievances with men. Why do you guys have all that facial hair which Read more…

By Silver Boots, ago

Love Is…

Love may always be linked to intimacy and joy but I believe it is also closely related to dying. When you truly love someone, you are willing to die for this person. To die to one’s self is to put other’s needs above yours. Love does not consent what is Read more…

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The Contrast

The past two days were the best days of my life, not to say that today wasn’t an exceptional day. But there are just those days when you are vibing high and one thing after another, after another goes right actually for once. You feel like you can conquer the Read more…

By Akua Salomeh, ago

Why I Hate My Own Blog

It’s quite simple: I don’t know what to write about anymore. Indeed, I’ve put myself in this non-category of spewing my thoughts out. While I find it therapeutic, this blog doesn’t fulfill all the functions I want it to. I don’t post actual fiction writing on here which means the Read more…

By isabella krebbs, ago

On The Power of No

Why are we so uncomfortable with no? Saying no, is so uncommonly used that it has become such a powerful statement. Yet it is always a necessity. If we said yes to everything, we would be drained of energy, resources and time; we are not super-human, or Superman. When you Read more…

By ramblingstudent, ago

The Duel of the proverbs

In life I’ve always been struck by this one dilemma, ‘The duel of the proverbs’. There are certain proverbs that are very popular. And quite often than not, one of it always has an exact contrary famous counterpart. For example, “If you love somebody, let them go, for if they Read more…

By pixie dust19, ago

The power of happiness

We often under estimate the power of happiness, specially when combined with love. In life when we feel lost, destitute, lonely,unappreciated even the most promising circumstances create doubt and concern. There’s a certain amount of lack of faith; in ourselves and the world around us. The minute we feel happy Read more…

By pixie dust19, ago

Greatness is to give

The law of giving is very simple: If you want joy, give joy. If you seek love, offer love. If you crave for material affluence, help others become prosperous. Don’t give to get, don’t give to become great, give to inspire others to give! Giving to others is the greatest Read more…

By Sundus Hayat Khan, ago


Perhaps US should simply assume that anyone who has or wants to own an assault weapon and thousands of rounds of ammunition is likely so paranoid/angry/mentally ill/dangerous that they should not own any weapon.

By Richard Miles, ago

Dancing with the mind

With each sip getting bitter, my mind starts flying. I am unaware of who I am and why do I even try. After a couple of drinks, my body starts to levitate and my emotions start to blast like a grenade. I don’t feel cold anymore; I don’t feel burdened Read more…

By Ruchir Mittal, ago