Children of the Mysts, Chapter 8


Cheska was uncomfortable staying under her uncle’s roof. The King hadn’t wanted the crown and had opposed his sister’s marriage to a Serran; he’d known the prophecy that plagued the women in their line. She had been very young when King Cori visited her mother who was pregnant with Louis at the time. They had argued when they thought they were alone in the garden. And later her uncle’s panicked voice called for help as her mother suddenly went into labor. Louis was born two months premature. Alfred Roucan, unaware of the siblings’ quarrel, had been grateful that his brother-in-law was present. But the King had been ashamed in front of Cheska. She had sprung up from behind a tree, revealing herself in the process, to bring aid to her mother. Her uncle had left after asking about his sister’s wellbeing. That was the last time she’d seen him until Fred’s suicide mission brought them back together. Arms circled around her waist. The hum she began to associate with Fred filled her ears. His energy when it touched her skin made her heady and reckless. “No, don’t turn around yet,” he said when she moved. She leaned back against him and looked out the window. Cheska couldn’t have been more relieved that Fred returned. If he hadn’t come back she would’ve followed him. But at that moment she wanted to run her hands through his pale hair and — (more…)

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Ending Ties

“It’s over…” she said carefully “isn’t it.” As they sat a foot apart, on the edge of the old stone bridge on where they spent their lazy Sunday afternoons, she felt the air of their Read more…

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The Library

They are not supposed to have favourites. Most of them simply lay back and watch people wander in and out of the doors. Oh, the humans and their clockwork paths. They watch the same pairs Read more…

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At last, she was alone in the bathroom floor. Everything was falling apart and her skin was glowing so bright. She did what was best and let the fire out of her. She did what Read more…

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“I am leaving” The file in his hand fell to the floor as he stared at her “But why? I mean everything is good isn’t it?” he stammered. She smiled at him sadly. “Financially yes. We are better Read more…

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Zack, the dragon king has branded me making me his personal slave. Haley, Zack’s cousin is far much better in temper than him. The only two people I trust here are Hayley, who always supports Read more…

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