Come and sit

Once you have sneaked into my heart. You’ve taken place and you’re watching from there. I can not see you, nor can I grab you. You’re like a ghost in everything and everyone. You’re sitting Read more…

By SOSfernweh, ago


Jaane kyu unn tasveero ko dekh aankhe nam ho jaati hain Tumhaari woh muskurahat phir se dil ko pighla si jaati hain Ajnabiyo ki Tarah mila karte hain hum ab Mehsoos karke bhi alfaaz chupana seekh Gaye hain hum (more…)

By Aayushi Jain, ago

Borrowed Lovers

Seasonal lovers. The reason they couldn’t stay is because they served their purpose in your life. They either healed a piece of you that was torn apart or opened a wound that needed cleansing. Every Read more…

By Bianca, ago


My heart aches for something… This feeling of gut punching, That look in your eyes… Melts my insides like ice, That penetrating stare…. Hits me like a spear, I know… you know I care, But Read more…

By sakshi gangwani, ago

The Real Love

Love is a beautiful feeling. It is the most powerful feeling I will say. It is the most powerful feeling because it always spreads a positivity, it always motivates one, and the most important thing Read more…

By Abhishek Dey, ago