Heart Heart has no direction ,no rules,no worries . You can’t hold it,you can’t stop it. You can just beat with it. Heart!oh!Heart Its happy one moment and sad the other It hates for a Read more…

By Maria Carvalho, ago

Who am I

Good afternoon! I am new to this blogging platform and this will be my first post on this site. I also have another blog on WordPress, that site is Please feel free to check Read more…

By Alyssa, ago


End..A brutal but most realistic word.. I think , its like the soul of our body.. A soul can demise only after your sepreation from this world so this word END too.. But as human Read more…

By Harshada Raut, ago


She always tried to forget him.. but Alas it was SAUDADE which kept her pain alive .. Note:- Saudade = A intense longing for someone you have already lost…

By Harshada Rout, ago


Life is a priceless treasure that we are given to guard & make use of to the best of our ability,but by the time most of us realize this it is far too late…..

By Mamta Sehgal, ago


Stuck in a whirlwind of memories and nostalgia she noticed the world continued to move forward without her. Wherever she went, she wore her grief as a veil sometimes it was so thick that she Read more…

By Zeina, ago

The struggle

I started my shift being informed that the man I waved goodbye 10 hours ago had passed away right before my shift started. A man who was terminally ill but yet so charismatic and positive. A man who Read more…

By NurseRumi, ago

Trade For Success!

Trade your sweat for your goals Trade your sleep for your dreams Trade your efforts for your passion Trade your comfort if you want to succeed!   View more here

By Khyati Gautam, ago


It was an arranged marriage. The proposal was sent through family friends, and accepted by her parents. She was happy. She was independent to pursue her career,live in the city of dreams and achieve every Read more…

By Charu Sneha Jha, ago

Unspoken Words

Never ever hold back your words, never hesitate to speak about what you feel or how you feel.. unspoken words, unexpressed feelings or undisclosed ideas weigh much heavier than anything in this world. I am Read more…

By vaidehi saini, ago


Pressure always doesn’t push you into depression. It sometimes pushes you beyond your limits to conquer more, it teaches you time management and brings out the quality of handling many things at the same time.