Love Yourself First

The fear plays a major role in our lives. Whenever we find someone who becomes an important part of our lives, the fear of losing that person takes place. But you can overcome it by giving the unconditional love and care to your beloved. Once you fall in love, it Read more…

By Kamini Aery, ago

I’m Scared

Reaching in you’ll see it’s hard to find me. I’m a discovery to be accessed when my psyche is at ease. When I see you mean me no harm, I’ll surround you like quicksand. You’ll be immersed, enveloped by who I am. You haven’t even begun to uncover what I Read more…

By Susi Bocks, ago

What are you so afraid of?

Hi guys! Yes I’m here with a brand new blog post to get you thinking and free up some space in my overcrowded head. Today i want to talk to you about fear. We’re all scared of something, aren’t we? But when we talk about our fears with others we Read more…

By Alex Bourne, ago