Thank You

Thank You  Thank you for the conversation; peace kindness ‘n’ love. Your presence ‘n’ words; have touched me; in a powerful positive way. More I cannot say; it is beyond my vocabulary. BJG(Blair Gaulton)Apr 2018

By Blair Gaulton, ago


They line up An endless sea A mass of the faceless Men woman and children The tears they cry are shared Drops fall from your eyes Frigid crystals they are Wounds are healed Pain is numbed Emotions fade How unnatural Read more…

By Dakota Toney, ago


In the tranquility of the day, I hear your silent whispers. In the madness of the day, I feel your presence. In the stillness of my prayers, your answers prevail.

By Maria Velazco, ago

I Had You!

We started off strong, Never losing sight. We had a lot more fun, Than we did fights. The moments we remember, Is how Authentic it all was. But we finally surrender, And we both felt lost. Did we make a Read more…

By Jorge Ochoa, ago

Don’t Settle

Today someone I trust told me to never settle. It’s so tempting to settle when you lose faith that God will provide. It’s tempting to settle when you are in a rush and move ahead of God. It’s tempting to Read more…

By myjourneysf, ago


The devil whispered to me. He said “Run, Hide, Go away!” with his groaning voice. I followed what he said, I’m so terrified. I HEAR EVIL LAUGH EVERYWHERE I GO. There’s also a sound of the trumpet in the sky. Read more…

By MJ Brown, ago

Times Now

Is it the time of Tribulation  or the time of Alleviation? I wonder and I deliberate… Much beyond all progression Much beyond all the automation and mechanization, there’s a dip and there’s a regression in the respect for dignity of Read more…

By anandita ahuja, ago

Night Story

Nights are so mine And so yours,.. Spend nights with your words With your thoughts And talking about you.. My pillow knows our story And so your blanket.. No one..  no one at all.. Except us.. Should know what was Read more…

By Rhitwik Vashishtha, ago

Win or Lose

Give your best though you know your opponent is stronger than you. Fight till the end, you don’t lose until you decide to lose.!!

By Tamil, ago


What can I say of my journeys thus far Other than, it being guided by my ancestors Those within the stars Aligned and In tune with my spiritual needs Lead me on a quest like Johnny; planting seeds Surrounded by Read more…

By NaKiima Reid, ago


I step out into the void Searching and calling for other souls In isolation I wait But the only voice I hear Is my own In echoes… choes… choes… I call out asking if anybody’s there But my own echo Read more…

By NaKiima Reid, ago

Stuck #3

Hello. Good morning. There is no light today, it’s abandoned me like her The first girl whose smile I sought but only got frowns and pity in bright, hazel eyes yet I loved her.   She wasn’t the only to Read more…

By Petoi Lin, ago

Love Cycle

“Fluffy pancakes! Mountain of chocolate bars!”, she mirthfully uttered as she enjoyed the cloud nine. There goes the ecstasy of butterflies in her stomach with the thoughts of him. She was elated with the idea of falling in love arrayed Read more…

By Czarina Anne Posadas, ago

Have You Ever?

Have you ever preached against vengeance and found yourself seeking one? Have you ever condemned premarital sex and found yourself committing the act? Have you ever shunned hatred and found yourself taking sides with murder? Have you ever stood against Read more…

By Faith Okpoyo, ago

Love Yourself First

The fear plays a major role in our lives. Whenever we find someone who becomes an important part of our lives, the fear of losing that person takes place. But you can overcome it by giving the unconditional love and Read more…

By Kamini Aery, ago

One Night

What should I tell about that time The time of fall Leaves crunching under the feet Moon spreading its light Illuminating the night And under the street light Moths kept on the fight They didn’t notice a lonely soul All Read more…

By Sana Ahmad, ago