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Love Made Me (My Testimony)

Hi, everyone. My name is Haley. I have been born and raised in a small town in South Georgia. I’ve been involved in church my entire life and church has become my second home. However, my church involvement hasn’t sheltered me from struggle.

At a very young age, my parents got divorced and I lived this “double” life. Every other weekend, I would travel back and forth from my parents’ houses. As I grew older, I became of aware of my surroundings and the unsuccessful relationships of others that I was witnessing/was a part of. These relationships caused me to question love and made me believe that I as well wouldn’t be able to successfully love someone and/or God.

Being raised in church, I knew God loved me because he sent his only son to die for not only me but also you. Sadly, this didn’t stop me from feeling incapable of love. I felt as though I was unworthy of God’s love because I couldn’t fully reciprocate those feelings. However, as I was praying one night, a scripture popped into my head (Pslams 139:14).

You are fearfully and wonderfully made – Pslams 139:14

This scripture silenced all those doubts and worries in my mind of being incapable of love or unworthy of God’s love. He made me perfect in his image. He loves with a reckless passion and longs for me to love him just as passionately. Every day, I remind myself of that bible verse and that Jesus loves me. So I want to encourage every person reading this blog that God loves you. You are worthy of His love. He is yearning for you to experience His love and come to your Heavenly Father. He made each and every one of you for a purpose. He has placed a destiny/call/purpose upon your life. Seek Him with your entire heart and it will be revealed to you.

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