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If You Ask of the Nations..

Recently, I received a prophesy over my life calling me into the mission fields, which has actually been one of my wants for several years. Ever since that word has been released, I haven’t been able to get this one lyric out of my head : “If you ask of the nations, your Father will give them to you.”

“Ask of me, and I will make the nations your heritage, and the ends of the earth your possession.” – Psalm 2:8

HOW CRAZY IS THAT? We can ask for an ENTIRE nation and our Heavenly Father will give it to us. Even scripture says if we ask for something we will receive it.

“You shall call a nation that you do not know and that nation will come to you.” – Isaiah 55:5

[ Side note : Do you know how much our Father treasures those moments, when we sing those lyrics right from heart? He loves that even more than he loves you singing along to a worship song with your eyes closed and hands raised. ]

“Go and make disciples of ALL nations, baptizing them in the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.” – Matthew 28:18-19

Now, I know that asking of a nation seems like a tall order, but in Jeremiah, God declares that He has appointed us as prophets to the nations. This shows that God longs for us to go out into this world and share His love and gospel.

So, if you are like me and long to go out into the nations to minister, I encourage to start praying BIG prayers. Ask God for the nations and He will give them to you.


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