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Not so BLESSED girl..! Part 1

Amazing, isn’t it? It all started with one single message on weekend and suddenly she was on top of the world. She was happy that he is back in her life and he will fill all the blank spaces in her good for nothing life. They both started chatting and talked about all the years that went miserable when they apart from each other. She was a girl with broken heart and who was already shattered in pieces because of her lonely single life and that too without true friends….

They talked. He shared his feelings for her and told her that he was waiting from last 6 years to tell her that SHE IS THE ONE FOR HIM!! She felt like someone gave her a CPR to get out of her choking life. She never felt so much positivity in her life and never knew what love really means. He made her realized that they are meant to be together but she never trusted destiny….

She always asked her to come to her city as she misses her so much but he always promised to come soon. He always asks her to be patient as one day he will come to get her and will be with her for forever. He promised her that one day, they will have a future so beautiful just the way she imagined. He made her happy and she used to share each and every detail of her past, her present and her future plans. Her love was unconditional and his devotion towards her was beyond perfection. They were perfect together….

Both living in different cities, surviving in totally opposite conditions and still managing beginning of new phase of their life. They never met but still she was on heels since the first day but all this happened in only two week’s time. That’s why she never felt perfect about it. Yet she loves him the way she wants to be loved by him. She never complained, never demanded anything nor did he. She was totally into him and planned everything for their first meeting. She was excited to meet him whenever he will come and imagine their meeting..

Being a guy, he was not that much sensitive about the things but she was a hardcore emotional fool and cared about each and everything in life. It seems like they are in so love with each other. One day, he announced that he is coming to her city as there are some changes in his schedule. Yes, he was coming two months earlier as scheduled previously. She got panicked as so many preparations were stuck in middle and she still hasn’t decided what to wear. She was totally confused along with butterflies in her stomach and also needed some breathe to catch.

  • Everything was going as per the plan. They were discussing things, planning their time, their schedules and meetings. She never forgets to tell him that how much excited she is and how much she is so ready to meet him finally. He also responded positively and with warm love. He also promised that he will not disappoint her and have a surprise her for. Her eyes got all teary while they were on video call but his mad talks made her laugh like a little kid. All was good and perfect. Until this day..!
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