Explanations, motives and timing. Actions talk about us

Ultimately, we all do and don’t do things for a reason. The “When and Why” behind our options capture the attitude towards the rest. Reflects who we are.

Why? What you tell to yourself or what you say when someone asks you…

  • I love doing it
  • I have to
  • It’s the right thing to do
  • I have been told to …
  • Someone must face it
  • I am better than XXX
  • I will be recognized for…
  • I have never done anything different
  • No one has thought about it, maybe it works
  • It can be done in a different way
  • I have come up with a great idea
  • We do it every day
  • ….


When? Is it  a one time action? Are you always like this?

  • Only when we are asked to
  • Every time we face the same situation whether or not we are being watched
  • Just when we know/think that someone is looking
  • We are just looking for the occasion to be noticed. We provoke it.


We decide our moves, our adventures.  Because, we always have a choice. Are we in? Or do we let it go? When in, are we a 100% in? Every single time? Rarely? It depends?

Attitude is the sum of many things. A constant in our behavior.

What defines us, make us “classifiable” (if you love labels) is the regular “Why” we tell others + the truthful reason behind our action (that can be sensed), + the “When” and, of course, the “How”.

Where do you fit? What drives you?


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I enjoy working in an international environment, interacting and developing multi-disciplinary teams. In this context I have had the opportunity to work and create a collaborative ecosystem towards operational excellence. I am convinced that we only get different outcomes when changing the way we do. This drives me to constantly seek for the best opportunities to develop ourselves. And this blog is my contribution to change with a personal view of people, teams and organizations.

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