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The Hardest Part of Breaking Up

You think you’re ready. You’ve thought about it for days, or weeks, or maybe months. You’ve played out the exit strategy in your mind night after night, wondering if it’s the right thing to do. You drive yourself crazy thinking about the great times, and the bad times, and the in-between times and then you finally come to your decision. You gots to go.

After the breakup, you start adjusting to the single life, dipping one little toe at time into the solo world. You’re a champ. You’re taking out your own garbage, baking at midnight in your underwear with the music blasting as loud as it can go.  You make a date with that cute guy down the hall – and then you cancel it last minute. You cheers your girlfriends and do shots of tequila and dance with the ugly guy in the corner of the pub, just because you can. You’re really starting to embrace this new life…

And then it happens. The hardest part of the breakup – the part you didn’t anticipate coming. You played every scenario out in your mind, and then WHAM! You’re sitting home alone on a Sunday night, drinking tea in your pajamas, about to watch the final episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and you realize… he changed the Netflix password.

Your heart drops and you start grasping at anything to make you feel better. You think, “this can’t be happening. Not to me. Not right now.” so you try to log in again, and again – and one more time, before that infamous feeling of defeat takes over. He’s won. He changed the Netflix account information and now you’ll never know if Alex Karev goes to jail or not. No more Favourites list. No more “recently watched” or loving “suggested for you” listings. Now it’s just you, and the darkness… you’re alone, while he sits at home jerking off, watching Trailer Park Boys in bed.

Breaking up is hard to do.

PS. Updated my dating profile header, requesting Netflix login details from cute strangers. This is where it gets good.

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