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Dear M A year from now I love you even more

Dear M.

Just talking about a future
Is almost set and bound
To become one life
One life together
Its the sweetest sound

Could you have imagined this
Lets say a year ago
I certainly dit not hope for it
Back then all seemed a ‘no’

However life shined back on me
And I sincerly hope
That life dit to you the same
At least at the very moment
When you had lots to say to me

Can you allready imagine things
Lets say a year from now
I certainly have good hopes for it
Cause the ‘no’ is filled with love

A few more days my love
And nothing do us part
Not even the strongest fears
Can keep us apart
My love, your love, is our love

I can see us clear my love
Lets say in a year from now
In a warm and tender home
Surrounded by an even deeper love

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