My Story – Our Story

Now I come up in bold colours,
Trying to wash away my blues,
Was trapped in the cage of conflicting thoughts,
Will be hard for anyone to be rescued.
Don’t know how people take up this issue,
So lightly that it became a part of my grey,
I was so astonished and naïve,
That I had nothing left to say.
It all began when I was in seventh,
Tender age,
And complete hormonal change,
Which remarked my adolescence ,
But didn’t have the resistance,
To that ugly dirty looks,
When told the “authorities”,
They thought it was a story that I had cooked.
Know what was that dirty thing?
Every woman faces,
In known and unknown forms,
In filed or unfiled cases.
I was one of the victims,
Of one of the most intolerable crime,
Which had been done aeons ago,
As gross as a dirty green slime!
I have been sexually molested,
When my age was only thirteen,
Wasn’t wise enough to do anything,
None was there to support,
‘Cause none had seen anything.
My mouth was zipped ,
But I tried to run,
That person hold me back,
Thought this was a fun!
Was lured with colourful chalks,
And obviously sweet talks,
Alas to my dismay,
This was going too far anyway!
The picture is still clear in my brains,
Can’t let my anger drain,
I was molested repeatedly for months,
Sad didn’t had the guts,
To speak out and kick those nuts!
A day came when my friend saw,
Oh! That was a horrible disgrace,
She saw the terror on my face,
I was trying to runaway from that place!
Cuss myself to be so secure,
Nay told my parents,
Had more grief with no cure,
My friend stood up by my side,
Told me to go to the “authorities”,
For this act had to be justified.
Went down to the “authorities ” with my teacher,
Alas they were even worst than the GRIM REAPER!
They shattered all my promised hopes,
When I told them I was repeatedly groped!
They backed up that person,
Saying he’s a father of a daughter,
They didn’t pay any heed to my disaster,
I just felt like jumping in the fire,
I felt men are the worst,
They live life for fulfilling their sexual desire!
This wasn’t the end,
They had sent me to a psychologist,
Uhhh…disgusting part of their so call justice,
Am I a psycho who needs this?
Or are they?
Truly they are the real psychos,
Or inhumane by heart,
They should be killed with poisonous darts!
The never-ending grief ,
For supporting the peon,
My anger still running to strive ,
‘Cause the truth isn’t justified!
I remember in my eighth,
A “bikini girl” I had drawn,
That was a good occasion ,
For you to say ,
That I am such a pervert wretch,with a very dirty mind,
Excuse me it’s my time to point out,
‘Cause now i have more brains,
Knock ,Knock,
Wasn’t it pervert,
Ha ha you COWARD,
To brush away such a critical issue,
To send me to brainwash myself,
Oh please! How much power you have misused !
Nuts and nonsense,
You only know how to create turbulence,
Making me psychotic was a good drama,
Applaud thee,
To teach me the worst,
And sure you won’t be sorry even after this outburst!
What you know is to harass the students ,
Who are a bit dim-witted,
I knew you were scared of my influence,
‘Cause I had the revolutionary radiance!
You made me a name,
In the black listed fame,
Oh such a shame,
I laugh at you “authorities”,
Ha ha poor “dandy dame”!
The molester was a harasser,
But you are a harasser too,
Who loves to make few students psychotic,
But ain’t aware that they are psychotic too!
I maybe in my solitude,
Aware , my voice is too loud,
To reach ears of the people,
Who are standing there in the crowd!
I hold a placard high and above,
Just with a note of PEACE,
“I know how you justify your students,
Justifying with their attitude,
Even I know how to justify you,
Just by your attitude!
Now I know what you would do,
Crumble this just like a chit,
But you have already shown your attitude dear school,
You are nothing else than a piece of shit!
#shame my school where i studied till my eighth…no blame on my favourite teachers…but the others…damn it…

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