It never stops

It never stops. The pain that renders my soul. The furious mind that awaits to fight. The curious eyes that search for you in every crowd.

Places that were once uplifting, has turned into graveyards. Lively colourful streets has become dreadful grey.

Everyone deserves a second chance, I can’t figure why I was devoid of it. Friendship was crushed underneath the pressure of expectation of love.

Now I’m lost with nightmares. Losing you every night over and over again. This pain was supposed to dwindle, but all it does is weigh more with ever passing day.

You weren’t an option to me in our infinity together. I’m that hazel who thought she was a time bomb. She was grateful for her small infinity. I’m for mine.

Our destinies never belonged to one place. But in the course I loved you. Loved you with every fall, with every ray of sunshine in summer, and with every drop that was bestowed.


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