Bald is Beautiful

Many ages many faces all with something in common.
We are all bald, beautiful and we have not fallen.
Standing tall no hair to be found.
Staring eyes can be felt from others around.
Don’t be alarmed it’s not contagious.
Your childish stares seem a bit outrageous.
So I’m different and yes I am bald.
It’s what the good Lord had ordered to be called.
I can’t help that I may appear a little bit odd.
It is the card I got dealt from my deareat loving God.
It is what I like to call a new fashion statement.
At the very least it provides me a great source of entertainment.
Don’t be so quick to judge something you do not know.
It may be you someday that becomes the star of this show.
Bald is beautiful so take a good look.
Stare long and hard write it down in a book.
The bald head you see is a badge of honor.
I am a survivor because of my transplant donor.
You see I fought a long hard battle and I won.
Despite all the side effects brought on that were not much fun.
So I’m a bit odd cause I have no hair.
I am still alive to enjoy life so too me bald is fair!
Try not to snicker as you see me walk by.
I will not cover up my head and this is why.
Society needs to be educated not hidden from the facts.
Cancer shows no mercy when it chooses to attack.
You can turn your cheek and pretend it’s not there
But then you show ignorance instead of being aware.
Stare if you choose it bothers me none.
I am alive to tell you all that it is I not Cancer that fought the hardest and Won!


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