I tried to ignore your existence as I covered my eyes
I hope you find the time to forgive me for our demise
Yesterday you were the cradle for so much of my joy
Today I stand in front of you and can only remain coy
Marching on forwards I ignored the shadows of our past
Marching onward I can no longer negate what will always last
You may be paving your own path hand in hand with strangers
Perhaps I have changed beyond recognition into unknown dangers
Forever will I keep the memory of what it meant for you to be mine
Forever the pages of the past will be written with only you and I in mind

Adrian de Leon

Creativity is the only product that is yours, nothing else in life can be authentic other than your own creation. Whenever the anonymity and trickery of everyday consumerism becomes too much, producing something is all that really conquers this.

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NurseRumi · May 9, 2018 at 4:22 am

Absolutely loved this!!

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