Dean Marin & Xmas

I remember Christmas, 2 years ago now, I had this male patient whom we cared for a few weeks for heart failure. He was getting better, slowly, but better.

He was told he wouldn’t be home for Christmas due to his treatment at our heart intensive care unit. The news upset him, he would just lay in his bed sobbing, barely touching his food yet always smiling at us, the caregivers…

On Christmas Day I was informed, as his assigned nurse, that he would be going home for Christmas Eve. I was so happy for him and I wanted to give him the news in the best way possible..

I knew that he enjoyed music, especially Dean Martin. So I played a song, Sway I recall, and told him I as going to give him a haircut and trim his beard. He was so happy and we started dancing together and laughing!

In the midst of it all, I told him the great news. He broke down in tears and told me how grateful he was of this, life and everything we did for him. He gave me a big hug!

Such an amazing memory, I loved how we caregivers have so much room and power to fill people’s lives with joy and laughter.

To this man, I hope you enjoyed your Christmas spent with family!


Just a nurse trying to decipher life and all its content.

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