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10 things they don’t tell you before you enter in a relationship.

There are many things you were not told before you got into a relationship. Especially if you are in your early twenties. But I will shade some light on this. If you are older or you are in your late twenties am sure you will agree.

1) Don’t let your happiness be dependent on your partner. This is really common in a new relationship. Where you think for you to be happy, you have to speed it with your partner. If they ain’t available, you will sink in depression and over think that they ain’t interested in you anymore. Stop doing this, it’s a bad habit that will actually break your relationship. Be your own source of happiness.

2) Set your standards at the beginning of the relationship. Am sure you have certain set of “rules” in a relationship. Maybe you don’t like it when your partner goes out and comes too late at night, like 11pm. Maybe you don’t like it when your partner parties too much. Make your partner know what you are comfortable with and what you ain’t comfortable with.

3) Don’t break your friendship over your relationship. This is a common mistake made by some many people. Where you enter into a relationship and forget you had friends before. Your friends are important, for they will support when you have challenges or when you are celebrating. Don’t form a habit of calling your friends only when you face problems with your partner. To be honest, most will leave you too. When the relationship is over, now you will be alone.

4) Learn to say no. If you don’t love what your partner want you to do, just say no. I know you will start to over think, will he leave me or get mad at me when I say no. Chances are 50/50, but a man respects a woman who can stand for herself. Remember this. If you don’t like it, just say no, no and No.

5) when you single for too long, you might forget how to be in a relationship. This happens when you are single for 2-3 years and when you start dating, it seems like you don’t know anything at all. Like what to do or what not to do in a relationship. Let’s be honest, the way you behave when you are single is totally different, when you are in a relationship. Yes you have to relearn some of the things. Don’t worry be patient you will get a hold of it.

6) You have to focus on your partner not those around you. Single people have a habit to let their eyes 👀 wonder around. When you are in a relationship other people don’t matter anymore.

7) Your partner need emotional support. This goes to women, support your man in what he does. If he has taken a small accomplishments. Don’t turn them down by telling them they ain’t good enough.

8) Before you think about having children, ensure your relationship with your partner is good. Don’t let anyone lie to you that a child will make you closer. If you ain’t good before the baby come, nothing will change. In some cases the guy will leave you alone and you will have to raise the children by yourself. Stay woke my friends.

9) You will fall in and out of love in your relationship. At first when you are dating, everything will be great. You will have fun together and so on. But after a few years, you will face challenges and you might fall out of love with your partner. But this does not mean you should separate for good, stick around and try to work it out.

10) If your partner loves you they will show you through their actions. If a man loves you, he will do anything to make you happy. But if they don’t see you as important in their lives. Move on, he ain’t worth it, you wasting your time. If they stay a week or two without even checking up on you. Unless he is sick in a hospital, move on he ain’t into you.

With this I hope it gave you some insights in what you should know before you enter in a relationship.

Regards Tracy..


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Sky · May 9, 2018 at 9:46 pm

This is good advice!

michellesmultifariousmusings · May 11, 2018 at 2:08 am

True indeed.

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