The Bottle

From my book, I Heard You

“Because nobody gets out of this life unscathed.”

The Bottle












Debra Colby lives in Maine with her family. She is the author of three short story books and is currently working on her first fiction novel. Debra's current book, I Heard You, is a series of short stories followed by an accompanying piece of poetry. The stories hit close to the heart, relating many of the thoughts that we all struggle with. Her first book, This Ain't Shakespeare, written in 2007, is currently available free from this site with the purchase of either, I Heard You or Mom's Eye View. Debra's second book, Mom's Eye View, published in 2011, is also a book of short stories that revolve around being a working wife and mother and the challenges of juggling those daily routines with a dose of humor and heart. Debra is also the author of a former weekly column, Mom's Eye View, which was read by thousands. Her second book, Mom's Eye View...Life from a Mother's Perspective, is a compilation of those articles. ​Debra's poetry has appeared in literary journals as well as magazines and online.

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