End the stereotype

If people think I’m not gonna argue, just because I’m a girl. They are highly mistaken. I have heard a lot being a girl. Mostly the sentences ended with shocked exclamations and question marks more confusing than a maze.

You are having a night out? You don’t like shopping? How can u not put on nail polish? And most amusing one, you have a sense of humour? And every question followed an exclamation stating, but you are a girl! Like really, thanks for telling.

Yes, I’m a girl with an individual persona. I like to ride bike, laugh hard publicly, prefer people to think I’m witty rather than pretty, makes the first move, and don’t like creating a scene.

If this things make you say that I’m not like other girls. Well you are damn right. I’m not like other girls, neither I’m like boys. Quit assuming a persons interests and behaviour based on gender.

Know one without prejudgements. Use your mind and not societal opinion stats. It’s a matter of time when you’ll realise generalizing has become boring. Exploring is the new mode, may it be a place or a stranger.


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