Playing God. Playing Victim

You are a puppet master
With a dancing marionette
Playing god in this shadow play,
Keeping secrets, keeping pockets
Full of gold and silver, jangling in pouches
Nicked from mesmerized spectators, even the magister’s purse!

A fireworks of theater, spectacular shams, grand eruptions galore!

But oh! The sirens assault and the audience scampers except YOU, thick-skinned fiend, whisper more, whisper more, whisper more
rumors in the ears of foot-soldiers! Play your part. Play it so. Play victim to the convoluted catacombs of your imagined riches.

Ge Marquez

I am 21 years old. I dream of becoming an ACTUAL writer but I'm currently working as an English Teacher. I love fantasy and YA books and am very much in love with my best friend turned boyfriend. I run a blog which feels quite abysmal. You can follow me on it.

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