It is Okay to start again

>>Self-Love #10<<
It’s OK to start again, stand up and be stronger than before.

>> My Successes of the day <<

  1. with my value of care, before my trip, I always checked what I booked and be very sure that I will have an uneventful trip.
  2. with my value of love, Oops! I didn’t add suitcases in our booking. Oh! it costed extra and oh well .. and I added them. SLCTA: I realized that cheap tickets, checked the small notes. Then I also realized that it wasn’t cheap at all. That’s how businesses roll. Nothing is cheap when I didn’t pay attention.
  3. with my value of self-love, I made mistake and I learned from it. It is all Okay to start again and just like my last ” self-love .. It’s Okay ” series.
    The funny fact is that I have planned it long time again and the thing came back right at the right moment.  What a great lesson. Life is a big classroom.
  4. with my value of love, I realized that I held on my past mistake and this haunted me for one day!  hmm .. Relax, I am now! the shit was behind me and left it there. I made myself crazy when I carried this shit with me. Do you agree?
  5. with my value of joy, I woke up early and it was lovely outside. I changed my daily routine, 2 things I didn’t do: checked my mails and started my work mode. No work and it is my holiday! I can change.
  6. with my value of insight, I said No. Simply No. Then I said YES to myself and gave me room for something new. It is Okay to Say No.
  7. with my value of love, I loved our Saturdate, it was a lovely day and it was fun to hold hands and walked together.
  8. with my value of love, We had our evening walk, got an ice cream and it was lovely.
  9. with my value of clarity, I asked for mango sorbet, it wasn’t available <pity! I love mango> I chose other flavors and paid for our ice cream. Then the mango sorbet was there <huh!> I wasn’t very happy about it and did she really check? I had dark chocolate and mint.
  10. with my value of love, I enjoyed our quality time, watched our fav telly programs and it was great.


Gratitude, Happiness and Simplicity are the keys of my life. I swear lots and I am a nice. I am the system manager in work, I am Banana in life. SMILES <3

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