It is Okay to forgive

>> Self Love #9 <<
It’s Ok to forgive<< My Successes of the day >>

  1. with my value of awareness, I had this weird feeling, I woke up early and I started an early day on my day off.
  2. with my value of self-loyalty, I saw this notifications, Oops! I wanted, really wanted to help out and I didn’t do. I let it go.
  3. with my value of love, Oops! I have got more notifications and I can’t let it go anymore. I asked for support, I took action and I made an unfair remark. SLCTA: Clarify first then make my conclusion. When I say ” let it go” then I really gotta let it go.
  4. with my value of commitment, when I am free, then I gotta stop my daily routine (for example, drink coffee, read my mails and plan my day) I am free and some daily routine is not necessary. I have now my time to do my thing.
  5. with my value of clarity, I appreciated her feedback, my remark was unfair and they did their very best. I apologized and I appreciated their support & partnership.
  6. with my value of forgiveness, I stop holding on to past mistakes, accept that I messed up. Forgive myself. And promise myself not to make the same mistakes again. <Bam!>
  7. with my value of care, I take good care of me, I had this SPA appointment and I enjoyed it lots.
  8. with my value of love, my help was here, I appreciated her support & her love. Our house is clean & neat again.
  9. with my value of inspiration, I saw this amazing post ” You’re killing yourself for a job that would replace you within a week if you dropped dead. Take care of yourself
    I shared this and I got awesome feedback. I totally agreed and it was a wake up call. I also realized that I can’t be replaced and I have only 1 life.
  10. with my value of joy, I saw this beautiful dress (light blue with little white flowers) and it looked like a PJ when I tried it on. Then I saw the other blue dress and I loved it. Hehe I spoiled myself with this summer dress.
  11. with my value of sharing, I shared my outfit successes with my beauty specialist, she appreciated my sharing and she shared her stories with me.
  12. with my value of care, this lady lost her way, I showed her how google map worked <ouch! Samsung phone and I had no clue .heck! It can’t be difficult ..> It worked for her, she appreciated my support and she shared her compliment with me
  13. with my value of trust, When I trust me, then I trust them. My mistake today was I didn’t trust me and I think that they could do it without me. <aHa!> I realized that they did perfectly well.
    Note for me 1: When I could drop dead, then I will be replaced in no time. Only me can do things for me.
    Note for me 2: I make mistake and Stop being too hard on me!
  14. with my value of care, I had a power nap, it was amazing and I did it because I can.
  15. with my value of joy, tickets are ready, flight is ready, checked in and I am now really ready for our holiday.
  16. with my value of love, cooking is fun, sheperds pie for dinner and it smelled so damned good. I cooked with love.
  17. with my value of love, I was a party-time housewife, laundry was done and I was ready for packing my suitcase. It was fun to do something else.


Gratitude, Happiness and Simplicity are the keys of my life. I swear lots and I am a nice. I am the system manager in work, I am Banana in life. SMILES <3

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