It is Okay to embrace my imperfection

>> Self-Love #8 <<
It’s Ok to embrace my imperfection

<< My Successes of the day >>

  1. with my value of clarity, I gave a cyberlab training outside the office and I worked few hours at home. Just saved me a trip back & forth to my office.
  2. with my value of care, my dear girl texted me and asked where I was. Ha! thanks for asking and I appreciated her caring.
  3. with my value of clarity, I shared my feedback, I appreciated her care and her partnership.
  4. with my value of joy, it was a sunny, cold morning and I was a happy bear to sightseeing in the city.
  5. with my value of love, my baby sis shared her stories with me, we had some great chat and some laugh. I love her lots.
  6. with my value of lightness, I can control what I can do & how I react. Lightness keeps me calm and happy. <Bam!> Why would I make fuss when I can’t do much about it.
  7. with my value of inspiration, I watched this inspiring video How do lobsters grow? <click to see it>
    My insight is: When I dare to take action outside my comfort zone, perhaps it is temporary scary or uncomfortable,  then I allow myself to grow. It could be uncomfortable but the fun is outside my comfort zone. Do you wanna choose stay safe in your comfort zone or outside?
  8. with my value of sharing, I shared my insight and it was awesome. I dared to share and I cared.
  9. with my value of clarity & partnership, I rang my dear colleague, she gotta take my tasks over when I am on holiday. I appreciated her support & her feedback. I was grateful for her partnership.
  10. with my value of clarity, I shared my feedback with my colleagues, I clarified my situation and Cyberlab will be “guarded” by my amazing colleague. Everything is arranged and I am done for now.
  11. with my value of happiness, The last mail was sent, it was exactly 5 pm and my holiday started. I can’t control my smile-muscle and I have this funny “out-of-office” feeling … <woo hoo!>
  12. with my value of fun, I hanged out with my friends, some chat, some laugh and it was awesome. Thanks guys!
  13. with my value of partnership, she asked for my support, I suggested that she clarified this with the organisation < which they arranged this !> I can tell what I know and the best way is to ask the source.
  14. with my value of partnership, I asked for support, I appreciated the sharing of the ICT and I shared my compliment.
  15. with my value of clarification, I asked fro support, I clarified this situation and he shared his GLIMS-wisdom with me. Ha! my question made them think and he took action. Great team work!
  16. with my value of dare, I dared to share and I dared to speak up. I had this MMB knowledge with me and it won’t go away. I used this to create clarity, partnership and cooperation.
  17. with my value of joy, I had an event, the monitor was kaput and I can’t show the demo. <Ha!> marker & white board .. I used this old school tools and proceed my training.
  18. with my value of joy, I shared my compliment with this handyman, he checked the monitor for me and I appreciated his support.
  19. with my value of joy, it was lovely and sunny outside. I walked in this location and it made me happy. hello Sun!
  20. with my value of lightness, that is it. I am on vacation and I let everything stay in the office. Also my cyberlab cap 😀 See you all later.



Gratitude, Happiness and Simplicity are the keys of my life. I swear lots and I am a nice. I am the system manager in work, I am Banana in life. SMILES <3

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