Do you see the same numbers everywhere ?


Is it strange to see the same numbers everywhere? Is that a coincidence? Anyone else experienced this before? Is the universe or something that is unknown trying to communicate with us? What do you think?


I see 10, 6, 96 and 26 everywhere.

Am I going crazy?

Recently, I was reading few blogs about the phenomena of Angel Numbers or repeating number sequences. Can a human spiritually evolve in order to communicate or interpret the messages sent from the Higher Power/God/Angels/Demons/Aliens? Is it possible? How did we open the door to discover this phenomenon? So, being intuitive enables us to truly perceive our authentic self.

I love the number 10. I feel like my brain is tricking me to see the number 10 everywhere. Am I manipulating myself? Are there certain numbers that our eyes are attracted to? It is very ambiguous and mysterious.


A friend from college told me that she used to see the number 13 wherever she went. Is the number 13, a lucky or unlucky number? Is it a blessing or a curse? She felt there were many inevitable misfortunes that troubled her but this can be simply explained by the concept of us living in a world of rigid natural laws.


I remember when my grandmother passed away. I used to see the repeating number sequences such 333, 555 or 111. Whenever I feel scared or depressed, my grandmother and grandfather always appeared in my dreams to comfort and reassure me.

Let’s say that we have awakened the spiritual senses that allow us to see symbols, numbers, messages. So, it means that there was something that was preventing us from acknowledging the truth. Then, what is the truth? Do we need to connect with the universe to make the right choices and to be happy? Is it out of our control or a pretence of knowledge?

That concludes my blog 🙂 Take care, fellow humans. Watch out for the numbers 🙂 !!!!

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