Couple Beaten Up by People in Kolkata Metro for Hugging

Recently, a couple was beaten up by people in the Kolkata metro for one of the most absurd reason; they were hugging each other. An old man, who was the first to beat them cited a reason for doing so saying, “It is all against our culture”.

Amazing! Isn’t it? In a nation of 1.2 billion people, where we don’t give a damn about someone dying on the road, someone crying for help, someone peeing in the public, or even excreting on the railway line, two people hugging each other prick us. Hugging someone out of affection is against our so-called culture. But molesting someone, or teasing someone, or even raping and murdering someone is all good. What affects people is, affection.

You can do any bloody act of utter shame in the public, like a taxi driver who was caught masturbating in the taxi in front of a female passenger, and no one bats an eye. But if you show affection to your partner in public, people go crazy. The size of their pupils increases by 200% and the rest of the world goes out-of-focus.

If a girl and a boy are walking hand-in-hand in the public, everyone will just see them. Why? Because those pigs have a filthy mind. They will never raise a voice against someone who is molesting a girl in public.

This incident generated a considerable outrage. Spontaneous protests have taken place in the city’s Dumdum Metro Station, with young protestors hugging each other and carrying posters and placards that say #hokalingan (let there be embraces, echoing the 2014 slogan #hokkolorob or let there be noise) and #freehugs.

People are fighting in the name of “Sanskriti” (Culture). Dear people, where does that “Sanskriti” goes when you shout at your wife at home? Where does that “Sanskriti” go when you kill your unborn daughter? Where does that “Sankriti” go when you watch men raping a girl in the middle of the road and just pass by with uttering a word? Where does that “Sankriti” go when you don’t teach your son how to respect girls?

You talk about “Sankriti”? If there is one thing you don’t deserve to talk about, it is “Sankriti”.

Which culture tells you to beat women in the public? No matter what she has done, who gives you the right to beat her up? It is her life. She knows the difference between right and wrong. She knows who she is with and what she can do. Who are you to tell her? Hypocrites!


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