100 Sit-Ups and Rs. 50,000 Fine for Gangraping a 16-Year-Old and Burning Her Alive

In a nation where women are worshiped in temples in the form of Goddess Lakshmi, Durga, etc. another case of utter shame has come to light.

A 16-Year-Old young girl was burnt to death in front of her family. The crime was committed inside her home, allegedly by the same men who had earlier gang-raped her.

What Happened?

On Thursday, four youngsters had kidnapped the girl from her house while the rest of her family had gone out for a wedding. They reportedly took her to a place elsewhere and raped her.

The incident took place in Rajakendua village in Naxal-hit Chatra district, around 160 km from Ranchi. The issue was raised in front of the Gram Panchayat or village council.

The council chose not to report the matter to the police. Rather, they asked the accused to settle the matter by paying an amount of Rs. 50,000 to the family of the girl. The council also asked the accused to perform 100 sit-ups.

After hearing the order of the Panchayat, the four accused got angry over the girl and her family and set out to seek revenge. They entered the girl’s house on Friday morning and thrashed her and the entire family. They later set the victim on fire and fled. They are now on a run and the police is looking for them.

Such a safe country India is for women. And we, the people of India are so concerned for the safety and respect of our women.

The criminals who raped a young girl were subjected to such severe punishment; A fine of Rs. 50,000 and 100 Sit-Ups!

All we can do is, hold those beautiful slogans in our hands and shout on the top of our voices, “STOP RAPE“!



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