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Loyalty cannot be controlled

It’s a choice

It’s their choice if they want to be loyal to you or not

You can’t control how loyal someone will be to you no matter how loyal you are to them

No matter how good you are to them, it doesn’t mean they’ll treat you the same

You can love them with your all but it depends on them if they want to return your feelings or not

Just because you love someone doesn’t mean they feel the same

Just because you’re loyal doesn’t mean they’ll be loyal as well

No matter how much they mean to you, it doesn’t mean they’ll value you as well

No matter how good you are,

It doesn’t mean they’ll treat you good

You can never be good enough to someone who wants to leave

They’ll always find an excuse to treat you bad no matter how good you are

Because sometimes the people you love the most;

The people you’re most loyal to,

Turn out to be the people you shouldn’t trust

Learn your lesson and move on

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Dillys Johnson

A coffee loving, loud mouth unconventional thinker with a knack for saying the most appropriate things at the most inappropriate times.

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