She might ..!!

She might ..!!

A beautiful smile
With pretty deep eyes
Having questions in her mind

She might be scared
For a reason
I don’t understand
Maybe a life ahead
Or a life she lived before

Maybe a relation
She can’t accept
Or maybe a decision
She couldn’t take

She might be scared
For a reason
That a stranger can’t figure out

Her heartbeat was loud enough
For a stranger to ask the reason

Her eyes were wet
Her words were silent

Can see the pain in her eyes
But being a stranger
I was helpless

Hoping she will be fine
She might be scared
And now I don’t care for the reason
I just want her to smile

Someday her smile
Would take her fear
Someday again her eyes would be wet
But with happiness

She might ..
Be as awesome as she was
Someday ..!!

Rhitwik Vashishtha

For me life is about living at different place's ..!! Travelling , photography , Writing & Adventure .. Don't expect I am impulsive.. Cheers to Life :)

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