Lie and truth

Your beauty that mesmerizes anyone’s heart

Your eyes that steal the innocence which they failed to guard

Your hand which never had to wait for a holding hand

Your silky hair which always refuses to a rubber band

Your complexion made even the white snow feel shy

Your popularity, oh my god, no other girl I know has status so high

But sorry my darling for when I say I fell for you this way, it would be a lie

I never saw your beauty in your smile but observed pain in your cry

I never admired sparkle in your perfect eyes but listened to the  stories they told

I never cared for how many people came to hold your hand  but I loved how according to potter’s need this clay didn’t mould

I may not have found you beautiful with your flipping silky hair but I couldn’t take my eyes off when  the same hair was under an aanchal during prayers

I am sorry to tell you that this mirror here won’t tell you that no one is fair or beautiful than this snow-white but I fell for your humility and all these are your treasures

I don’t care that there is no one I know who doesn’t know you but you couldn’t get along with all because no one could understand your pain to sooth

I really don’t know how I could understand you when no one did but now that I have, I fell for you and that is the truth.





hey, this is Aditi from kathmandu, Nepal who is keenly interested in writing poems,articles,essays and other types of literature.Also check my blogs at

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