It is Okay to prioritize my needs

<< Self-Love #6 >>
It’s Ok to prioritize my needs

>> My Successes of the day <<

  1. with my value of care, I started my care routine, I shared my care with her and I appreciated her care for me.
  2. with my value of clarity, I checked this routine, I liked this structure and clarity created space & focus.
  3. with my value of determination, I asked for support, we started our PREP for the upgrade test and just did it.
  4. with my value of awareness, after this incident and I had this feeling about this name. <hmm ..> Bingo! it was it and the links worked again.
  5. with my value of joy, she shared the sweetest thing with me today and she gotta miss me when I will be on vacation. Thank you so much! I was a happy bear.
  6. with my value of partnership, I asked for support and I appreciated her partnership. I liked our cooperation and our PREP worked for us. Happy people!
  7. with my value of partnership, I appreciated his support & feedback and our PREP worked well! Thanks a lot.
  8. with my value of clarity, I asked for support, I appreciated her feedback and clarification. I chatted with her and we had some fun too. You go,girl!
  9. with my value of gratefulness, I was grateful for his support. I was grateful for his care. I was grateful for his partnership. He was always there for me when I needed him. Thank you so much for being there.
  10. with my value of  care & fun, I wore my rain boots and winter jacket. It was a cold rainy morning. I jumped in the water puddle for fun, I was so happy and it was OK to play like a kid.
  11. with my value of love, I shared my love and I shared my feedback.
  12. with my value of clarity, I didn’t understand this and I asked my famous question WHY. It didn’t clarify what have happened and it just covered up what they did wrong. I shared my feedback.
  13. with my value of joy, I had some silly laugh with the office folks, it was a jolly Tuesday.
  14. with my value of sharing, I shared my stories with my sweet baboo, he was the ear and I appreciated his care. He was the best!
  15. with my value of self-love, Like everything else in life, this is a choice I make, to be happy or sad; to create or to place blame and destroy.
    Placing blame will not do any good, because I can’t change what is in the past and I can’t affect the choices the other people make. All I can do is stay true to myself and decide to create beautiful things within and allow me to reflect upon my outside world – no matter what else goes on out there.


Gratitude, Happiness and Simplicity are the keys of my life. I swear lots and I am a nice. I am the system manager in work, I am Banana in life. SMILES <3

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