`EXPECTATIONS ‘,the word is a pivotal part of our life.

We start expecting from the very beginning of our life;when we are kids and thereafter ,at each stage of our life we expect various things and varied behaviors from everyone around us.

At the beginning of life, as infants ,unknowingly we expect a lot of things from our parents, whether it is taking care of us or giving us their uncompromising attention;we want all and get it happily.When we reach school, we expect our parents to teach us, play with us, feed us and do endless things to keep us happy.

Then, as we grow and become teenagers, we expect our parents to take care of our other needs;which now consists of new clothes, accessories and other extravagances.Outside our home,we make friends and expect all of them to be loyal to us,we become possessive and expect everyone to behave as per our will.

Then further as adults we have expectations from our spouses, friends, employers, relatives & our own children .We expect to be respected, pampered, looked after and paid handsomely.

As we grow further, our expectations from our dear ones, our kids, our relatives or even our neighbors increases . And when we reach the old age, our expectations too reach the peak, as the life cycle reverses and the traits of a child start coming back. We become extra emotional and expect others to think the way we think, become self-centered and only think of our own well-being. We impose our thoughts on others, not realizing their physical as well as mental state at that time.

Till the time we are small kids and do not have the understanding of the things no one minds our behavior, but as we grow in age ,the situation becomes difficult.Since the people around us too possess the same habits as ours,it leads to lots of misunderstandings and further problems.

We,human beings have an inherent trait that when we  help someone ,we expect them to be grateful to us all their life.Likewise,parents expect their grown up kids to behave in a particular manner because they feel that it’s time for the kids to repay for what they  have done for them and this becomes a cause of conflict.

EXPECTATIONS, thus, are the root cause of most of the problems that human beings face in their life. Expectations of kids can be ignored and nobody minds them, but as adults when we expect, it leads to various problems of enviousness, comparisons, jealousy, and solitude.Most of our thoughts are related to the other people’s behavior towards us. If we stop expecting from others, things will stop bothering us. We will not complain as we don’t expect people to behave in a particular manner, which is conducive only to us. Since there are no expectations from anybody, we don’t get annoyed at anything and live in a state of contentment, which leads to the real peace of mind, resulting in happiness.

Having no expectations,thus, is a life changing habit. It removes all the negative thoughts about others from our mind, keeping it clear and calm. When the mind is clear, it welcomes the positive thoughts making the living more purposeful. Not having any expectation from anybody makes us absolutely free from all bondage and we become totally composed, unperturbed from external happenings.

So, take this word out of your dictionary and lead a happy life.

Mamta Sehgal

Mamta Sehgal

An educator,a believer and now an author.An ardent devotee of the all eternal Shri Krishna & Bhagavad Gita and propagates that the light is within & can illuminate everything.

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