Does loneliness really mean that you are alone?

Loneliness is a state when we start feeling that no one is with us or we are alone. Many a times people become depressed and take wrong steps due to loneliness and lose their faith and confidence to do something or again start-up with their aim.They feel they cannot achieve it alone.

But, think again, does loneliness really mean that you are alone? or loneliness is a condition to be depressed?

I don’t think so.

To understand this,let me tell you something.Whenever you sit alone just  listen to your body.You will find many amazing facts.You will find your heart beating continuously,your brain working continuously,every time you will find some or the other thoughts going on your mind.Our brain never stops thinking,neither our heart beating.There is always some or the other activities going on your body.You will also find many other activities going on your surroundings.So,you are never alone.Loneliness is just a thought of our mind that we have accepted.

Now,you may think that it is all about someone understand you.So,let me tell you that no one in this world can understand you as better as you can understand yourself because you know yourself the best in this whole world. You yourself can find out every solution of your every problem just you need to believe yourself.

In fact,when you are alone it is the best time for yourself to create something new, to discover something new in yourself,to understand your situations of life alone and to take out the best way to tackle down your difficulties alone.This will really make you strong.And the success that you will achieve when you will fight alone will fill you with pride and will bring a new confidence in you.It is not a time to be depressed or feel low.It is a time to check your aptitude.

So,never ever feel depressed when you are alone because you are never alone.

Abhishek Dey

Just want to write.

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Viveena Rathi · May 1, 2018 at 9:21 pm

sometimes it’s good to be alone. you need to give your soul some rest from the chaotic world

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