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The Dalmia Red Fort

Selling The Red Fort to Dalmia Group is So Patriotic. Isn’t it?

The one who came into the power saying, “Main Desh ko bikne nahin dunga” (I won’t let the country go financially weak), is now out selling India’s heritage sites.

Modi ji is keen on making the Red Fort, “The Dalmia Red Fort”. The government has decided to involve the Dalmia Group in the maintenance of the Red Fort and for providing amenities like restaurants, drinking water, street furniture, tactile paths, clean toilets, etc. For this, government has asked the Dalmia Group to pay an amount of Rs. 25 crores. Dalmia Group will also be given the privilege of placing their name on the signage inside the fort.

The Red Fort is not just any building. It is not just a heritage site. Red Fort is a symbol of India’s Freedom struggle. It holds an important position in the Indian History. The First War of Independence in 1857 was led from the Red Fort by Bahadur Shah Zafar. This is the reason why our first Prime Minister addressed the nation from the Red Fort after Independence, and why every Prime Minister has been doing that on every 15th August.

The entry tickets that are sold at the Red Fort generate almost Rs. 18 crore every year. If the Dalmia Group gets the Red Fort for 5 years in exchange of Rs. 25 crores, they will end up making around Rs. 90 crores in 5 years just from the sale of tickets. Except that, they will generate money from the food sold at the restaurants, and other amenities that they will be providing inside the Fort.

If the government is generating that amount of money every year, can’t they look after the Fort themselves? Why do they have to sell out India’s “Heritage Site”? What such policy gives them the right to sell out the heritage sites? I think the BJP government has forgotten the fact that they are just a people elected government in a democratic nation. They need to be made to realize the fact that they are not the rulers of India.

This is what happens when the power goes into the hands of those who have no knowledge and respect for their nation.

Had Dr. Manmohan Singh taken this step during his tenure, everyone would have been out on the streets fighting and shouting against him and the Congress. But here, when Modi ji is doing it, it is all good. Because whatever Modi ji does, is good for the nation. Modi ji is the only Prime Minister in the history of India, who thinks about the nation. He is the only Prime Minister who works for his nation, who works for his people.

Selling Red Fort to Dalmia Group is so patriotic. He has honored all those departed souls who lost their lives in order to protect their nation from the British.

BJP is the best government we have had at the center and Modi Ji is the best Prime Minister.


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