Talk to me

Arise, free me from any burden

I fall into your arms

Heal me with your charm

Let my heart sing of joy

Beneath my skin a burning fire

For you I have unending desire



This is what I want

The very thing my heart often chants

You are a sun and a light

I shall no longer step blindly in the night

In your circle I enter

Who can be so gentle !?



And them when I am freed, then when you free me

I shall not be bonded with suffering

I am sure, you will fondle my head as it lays on your chest

My body will rest on my bed

And my bed is your very body, which is my warm cosy place

A place where I can calm thoughts arising in my mind

A garden in which I gladly will inhale sweet fragrance

Open to me and this words will come to be !



Let us rejoice, a new life has begun !

Let us raise voice, the sun did not shun !

Aleph Tau

Aleph Tau

I share word through art :)

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